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Walking is a wonderful social outdoor activity and our local Group of the Ramblers puts significant effort into preserving and promoting walking opportunities for local people. We believe in protecting Worcestershire’s unique network of public paths.

What kinds of people are members? 

We are a friendly and sociable group of walkers with currently 450 members from many walks of life and age groups. Some members like to walk regularly and prefer challenging routes while others walk infrequently and prefer gentler routes. There are no expectations and members choose walks from the programme that suit them.

How often does the Group get out walking?

Our walks programme typically offers at least two walks each week, one mid-week and one at the weekend. Some weeks we might put on as many as four different walks. The walks can take place over full days, half days or evenings. The lengths are normally between 8 and 24 kms (5 to 15 miles). 

A walk would usually include either a picnic stop or a meal at a local pub and often features after walk refreshments.

For details of the full programme of walks, events and working parties including past activities, click on the Programme tab. We are also on facebook at facebook.com/WorcesterRamblers/ or click the facebook icon in the page footer.

If you would like to know the numbers in detail click on The Numbers button. 

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Good Health And Fun

What do we do in addition to walking?

We organise social events for members such as pub nights, skittles, crib or quiz evenings. Our annual events programme has included holidays in the UK and abroad, long distances walks and day coach based excursions.


We also have a working party of volunteers that liaises with the Worcestershire Countryside Service to improve access and safety of our footpaths and bridleways. Tasks can range from vegetation clearance to constructing small bridges. The working party currently operates roughly every 4 weeks and is always looking for additional volunteers.

We also have a number of other voluntary roles ranging from leading walks, training new leaders, distributing leaflets, a committee member, maintaining the website and more. For more details click on the Volunteer Zone tab. 

How do members keep track of activities?

For details of the full programme of walks, events and working parties including past activities, click on the Programme tab. We are also on facebook at facebook.com/WorcesterRamblers/ or click the facebook icon in the page footer.



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Q & A

Can anyone come and meet the Group and try a walk before becoming a member?

We are always happy to welcome new people. If you are unsure, come and try up to three walks free of charge before joining the Ramblers. There is no problem with visiting us to see if it works for you. Check the details of the walks and choose those which are within your capability. If you are new to walking we recommend trying some shorter walks first. If you require further information about a specific walk contact the walk leader via the walk details page.

Where do you get the walk leaders from?

All of our walks have a leader and a back marker who are volunteers. Over time, our Group has built up an experienced pool of walk leaders who individually might lead one or many walks per year. Over an average year we offer over 150 walks lead by over 40 different leaders. We are always looking to encourage members to begin leading walks and so offer nationally recognised map reading skill courses; mentor support on route reccies including navigation tips plus advice on matters such as car parking; path problem reporting; walk grading and a leader check list.

How is the Group organised?

Our local Group is one of around 550 within the Ramblers’ charity and is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. It was established in 1989. Volunteers remain the heart and soul of our organisation whether they contribute as a member of the committee, as a working party member, as a walk leader, as an event organiser or as a contributor to a one-off project.

Where are the best places locally for your walks?

Our walks can take place anywhere, however usually in the lovely countryside of Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire or the Cotswolds. We meet at a prearranged location, normally within easy reach of Worcester, Droitwich, Malvern or Tenbury Wells and sometimes we will schedule a coach trip. One thing is certain; our walkers will see views, features, buildings, flora and fauna that they would otherwise seldom be likely to experience.

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Our Working Party

The Worcester Ramblers’ working party was established in May 2007 and is a pool of volunteers that clears and maintains footpaths and bridleways in the county. It works in partnership with the Worcestershire Countryside Service (WCS) who provide training courses; an inventory of hand tools and personal protection equipment; materials; loan of heavier equipment and land owner permission to operate.

Our first entire route renovation was completed in October 2014 and took six separate working party assignments to complete. It is a 6.5 mile walk in Pensax and Menithwood involving multiple stiles and is featured as one of the entries within ‘Ramblers Routes’ on the charity’s national website. Without such initiatives, many more paths within the county would simply fall into disrepair and become impassable.

We aim to make each assignment fun and although each project is tackled in a thoroughly professional manner, participants are assigned tasks suitable to their physical capacity and capabilities and humour is widespread. Most working parties mysteriously end up being reviewed in a local pub. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer within the pool, please contact the working party coordinator via the home page.

Work assignments come from two sources, projects initiated by WCS and renovation of walks of specific interest to Worcester Ramblers. We average roughly one outing per month over the entire calendar year. Since its formation, the working party has worked on items including vegetation clearance, way marking, stile repair, bridge construction, ditch crossings, installation of kissing gates, installation of anti slip matting and bridge clearance.

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The Health Benefits of Walking

Walking is good for our physical health. Physical inactivity is a public health problem comparable to smoking, responsible for 17% of premature deaths in the UK. In England and Scotland, four out of ten adults don’t meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. Walking is one of the best ways to tackle the issue. It is inexpensive and a form of exercise which almost anyone can do.

Experts recommend at least half an hour of moderate exercise five days a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness level [NHS Direct].

Walking for leisure

Is at least three times as popular a physical activity as its nearest competitor, swimming, while 77% of UK adults say they walk for pleasure at least once a month [National Statistics, ICM Survey].

Walking is good for our mental health

Regular walking improves mood, reduces anxiety, aids sleep and improves self-image. People that stay active have a 30% lower risk of getting depression and a reduced risk of suffering from dementia. Being outdoors also improves mental wellbeing, with research showing that people who spend more time outdoors report that they feel happier.

Worcestershire Walking Network

This is the local implementation of the national centre run by the Ramblers in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support. The centre supports around 22 schemes across the county providing short led walks over easy terrain to help people become and stay active. Worcester Ramblers liaises regularly with this organisation to share recruitment initiatives and to help minimise programme overlap. 

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Your Membership Matters

Our Group helps people in Worcestershire enjoy walking and protects the places we all love to walk in.

We are a part of the only charity dedicated to looking after paths and green spaces, leading walks, opening up new places to explore and encouraging people to get outside and discover how walking boosts your health and happiness.

Membership subscriptions are the Ramblers’ biggest source of income. If you sign up for Gift Aid when you join us, you can make your support worth 25% more at no extra cost to you! You can join by:

  • clicking on the Join the Ramblers button on the top of the Home page,
  • calling our national membership services team on 020 7339 8595.

Select Worcester as your Group within the member details section of your application.

Membership options and costs are described on the national website.

Benefits include:

  • A huge variety of led walks,
  • The opportunity to make new friends,
  • Our social events programme,
  • Full access to Ramblers Routes,
  • Discretionary discounts on outdoor gear,
  • The Ramblers Handbook,
  • Free subscription to the quarterly magazine ‘Walk’,
  • Walking holiday offers.


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